A Sign Language's Unveiling of Wordplay Beyond Auditory Cues 

No one at New York City's Sign Language Center speaks, if they can help it.  

From a perspective of disappointment about the primacy of spoken language, I have been learning American Sign Language intensely since May of last year, joining the throngs.  

It may sound strange to some and amazing to others, but before the epidemic I was a championship punter.  

People would come to me for help eliciting ambiguity in everyday statements since I had spent years training my ear to distinguish between syllables and twist familiar expressions. 

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No matter how cringeworthy anything is in English, it makes no sense when expressed in sign language.  

I had to completely abandon my reliance on sound in order to really grasp the vast scope for wordplay in ASL. 

I was faced with a serious credibility issue as a self-proclaimed specialist in wordplay, whose work might be summed up in "just puns"  

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