American Dishes That No One Wants to Consume 

The Midwesterners love their Jell-O salads made with lime Jell-O, cottage cheese, and tinned fruit.  

There is a growing trend of individuals seeking out new and interesting cuisines as a result of the proliferation of various and international dining options.  

Some may find the Jell-O salad to be overly basic and uninteresting in contrast.  

Someone on Quora claims that ever since the mid-2000s, when Jell-O salad was all the rage, interest in it has been falling.  

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This classic meal is obviously losing popularity due to the current trend toward healthier and more refined eating habits. 

Canned veggies, ground beef, and cream soup are the ingredients in another casserole that is a popular in the Midwest.  

In the 1950s, this inexpensive and easy one-dish supper was all the rage. 

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