An Irish Brown Bread Recipe 

Irish brown bread is a basic rustic loaf that my family and I adored on our trip to Ireland.  

It has a crunchy exterior, a soft center, and a deep wheat taste.  

I decided to whip up a batch of my own Irish brown bread recipe to bring the deliciousness back to our home after we left.  

Traditional Irish wholemeal flour is coarser than regular whole wheat flour and is used to make this bread in Ireland. 

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Wholemeal flour, which contains big, visible bran flakes, is responsible for the characteristic robust texture and flavor of brown bread.  

The stone-ground wheat flour used in this recipe is more widely available in the United States from companies like Bob's Red Mill. 

It was part of the typical Irish breakfast menu at our B&B, which also included scones, black and white puddings, barmbrack, and other pastries. 

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