An Uncommon Bicentennial Quarter Worth $55,000 plus 7 Additional Gems Worth $1,500 or More!  

This rare dime, which has only been found a handful of times, is worth an estimated $1.9 million. 

It is a precious artifact from an earlier period of American currency and is highly sought after by collectors. 

Due to its extreme rarity and historical importance, the 1894-S Barber Dime is considered a numismatic marvel.  

Collectors worldwide want the 1804 Silver Dollar, the "King of American Coins" and a numismatic masterpiece. 

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This coin represents the zenith of American numismatics with its exceptional worth of $3.8 million, thanks to its scarcity and historical importance. 

One of the most fascinating and rare numismatic artifacts is the 1913 Liberty Head Nickel. 

This rare nickel is the prized possession of coin collectors everywhere; there are only five known examples, and each one is worth $4.5 million. 

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