Ancient humans knew what about astronomy?

Ancients would be amazed, right? They could do all those things too, so they wouldn't be impressed.  

The astrolabe is the latest portable, multipurpose astronomical equipment.   

From the Greek words for "star" and "taker," the astrolabe was employed from antiquity to the early modern period.   

Astrolabes were metal disks with dials, pointers, and engravings that were both functional and fashionable.   

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For the traveling kind, the astrolabe could tell time based on the sun's position, provide coordinates based on guide stars, anticipate sunrise and sunset, and more.  

Like your phone, you never want to leave home without it.Before the highly portable astrolabe, ancient people had high-precision instruments, but they were usually bulkier or guarded by a few essential people.  

The Antikythera mechanism, from 200–100 B.C., was found in a shipwreck in 1901. The mechanism's sophisticated gears could anticipate lunar eclipses.

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