Chefs Explain Why Restaurant Pizza Tastes Better

Since that initial attempt, my pizza-making abilities have improved, but I want to make one that can compete with those I've had in Rome, New York City, and other pizza capitals.

 I want a crispy crust with the proper chew, the right toppings, a zesty, sweet sauce, and the right cheese pull. 

I asked a panel of specialists, including pizza makers from Roberta's and Una Pizza Napoletana in New York, and an Institute of Culinary Education chef and instructor. 

. Here's why restaurant pizza is usually better than homemade and how to make the greatest pizza at home.

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Kierin Baldwin, chef-instructor of Pastry & Baking Arts at the Institute of Culinary Education, says restaurant pizza is better than homemade .

"Pizza ovens are made to get up to blisteringly hot temperatures, and home ovens simply do not heat that high," she says. 

the legendary Bushwick, Brooklyn, pizza restaurant that's expanded worldwide and even has its own frozen pizza line, agrees that restaurants can push temperature limits that would be unsafe at home. 

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