Dips for Entertaining That Begin with Cream Cheese 

You can't have a good party without some ooey-gooey cheese dip.  

Make a creamy caramelized onion dip, a gooey buffalo chicken dip, or a bubbling spinach artichoke dip—you can't go wrong.  

If you want the tastiest hot, cold, or even dessert dips, all you need is a block or two of creamy cheese. 

Smooth dips, such as whipped feta and shrimp dip, likewise rely on cream cheese to achieve their velvety smoothness.  

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These cream cheese dips are perfect for a Super Bowl party (or any buffet, really), whether you're looking for 

a 10-minute sausage dip or a hot and bubbling crab dip that will be the show-stopper at any gathering. 

It imparts an irresistible cheesecake flavor to pumpkin dip and caramel apple dip and makes Ree Drummond's favorite savory dips .

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