Dishes That No One Outside of the Midwest Has Ever Heard Of 

The United States of America is huge, and the people who reside there have diverse tastes. 

Comfort foods that are unique to a certain area, state, or city are hard to locate elsewhere. 

Although some are more difficult to enjoy than others, every one of them is special in its own way, and some will even make you salivate.  

The people of the Dairy State never fail to surprise with innovative cheese uses. 

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They are available at almost every restaurant and bar in town. Find a Culver's and give them a try if you're not in the Midwest. 

Although you might be familiar with the fresh, squeaky cheese curds that accompany poutine, 

in the upper Midwest, they are fried and coated to create a cheesy, hot, and crispy snack.  

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