Every State's Finest All-You-Can-Eat Brunch Spots 

A leisurely brunch is the best possible way to spend a Sunday.  

You think that when you go to a buffet, you can just dig into food that has been out for hours?  

You should reconsider! The omelet station at Hazel's Nook, a quaint Gulf Shores cafe with checkered tablecloths and mismatched seats, 

allows customers to choose their preferred toppings (e.g., ham and mushroom, onion and cheese, and more) and watch as one of the chefs prepares their meal in front of them. 

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Want something different? Buy a bunch of fresh fruit, pancake mix, and crispy bacon for around $20. 

Many visitors to the Alaskan wilderness stay at Pike's Waterfront Lodge, a beautiful motel on the Chena River's banks. 

It used to hold a lavish Sunday brunch on a weekly basis, but these days it's reserved for holidays like Easter. 

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