Every State's Top Local Ice Cream Parlor 

Things do taste better when you're loved. You can take it from Cammie—she's the owner—when she says this.  

Micro-creameries? You've probably heard of micro-breweries.  

That's exactly what Wild Scoops does: they create one-of-a-kind tastes in tiny batches. 

In the farthest north state, you must eat the Baked Alaska, a cone of waffles covered with marshmallow cream that has been burned. 

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While the Toffee Banofi sundae is his favorite, he has to admit that every single one 

of Sweet Republic's creative desserts—from Blue Cheese and Dates to Coconut Cashew Curry—is out of this world.  

In addition to this top-rated Arizona dish, be sure to look over our other offerings. 

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