Exquisite Bicentennial Quarter Valuable at Nearly $60 Million USD; Three Additional Coins Worth More Than $600,000 

Finding rare and precious coins is an endless endeavor in the world of numismatics. 

Finding that one rare coin that would change their lives irrevocably is every collector's wildest fantasy. 

The sale of a rare bicentennial quarter recently shocked the numismatic industry, collecting an incredible figure of nearly $60 million USD. 

Coin collectors are once again searching for such riches, sparked by this extraordinary deal. 

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Coined in 1976 to recognize the United States' bicentennial, this quarter is unique because of a minting mistake that removed the date and mintmark. 

It is believed by numismatists that there is only ever been one of these quarters, making it extremely rare among coins. 

This quarter features a composition of 40% silver and 60% copper and was struck in San Francisco as part of the United States Mint's special bicentennial coinage program. 

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