Famous Recipes From Around the Country 

In the late 1800s, home chef Emma Rylander Lane of Clayton, Georgia, created it and went on to win first prize at a county fair in Columbus, Georgia. 

She later published the recipe in her cookbook. While many different versions of the recipe have been developed by Southern cooks over  

the years, the classic filling consists of white sponge cake layers encased in a mixture of coconut, raisins, and pecans soaked in whiskey.  

Try the best at Birmingham's Bottega Café, where they make a coconut-pecan cake with a lighter variation on the traditional recipe. 

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Traditionally, the indigenous people of Alaska make akutaq, a kind of frozen dessert also called Eskimo ice cream or simply Alaskan ice cream, 

by whipping together fat or tallow (rendered suet), snow, berries, and whatever local wildlife or plants are in season, which may include bits of meat or fish. 

There isn't a commercially accessible version of the centuries-old cuisine because of its foraged origin; instead, it is typically prepared at home by families.  

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