Find the squirrel's tail in this image in only 5 seconds—it's an optical illusion visual test! 

Take a good, hard look at the intricacies, forms, and spots that might hold hints. 

In this visual exam of optical illusions, you have five seconds to use your sharp eyes to locate the squirrel's tail concealed inside the image.  

In order to make the assignment more difficult, the picture is intentionally misleading.  

Exceptional value is created in the rare coin market by the intertwining of history, art, and rarity. 

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Proof that even the most humble of coins may contain valuable artifacts is the Bicentennial Quarter, which is now worth approximately $49 million USD. 

Rare coins provide a gripping thread to the fascinating fabric of numismatic history, and collectors and enthusiasts are increasingly drawn to them. 

You won't see these uncommon coins in circulation very often, no.  

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