Fun Things to Do While Baking All Day 

As they gnaw on gooey bits of this delicious monkey bread, the kids will have a blast.  

Since I first cooked this breathtaking crepe cake, no other dish has been able to match its impact on my loved ones.  

Impressive in every way, it consists of semisweet chocolate ganache smothered over layers of delicate chocolate crepes topped with luscious white chocolate buttercream icing.  

This delightful cinnamon bun recipe calls for maple syrup for sweetness.  

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Before baking the rolls, I use my bread machine to create the dough.  

If they're warm, my spouse loves them. —Near North Bend, Oregon, lives Juanita Carlsen. 

Flaky phyllo dough, chopped nuts, and sweet honey come together in the classic Middle Eastern confection known as baklava.  

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