Here Are the Top 15 Items to Purchase at Costco in March

This month, Costco's 93 Midwest and Texas warehouses will have many Farmer's Fridge items, which will delight shoppers.  

The Midwest offers Mediterranean Salad (2-pack for $12.99) and Berries & Granola Greek Yogurt ($9.99). 

The Southwest Chicken Salad costs $6.99 and the Mediterranean Salad $6.79 in Texas. 

"One of my first FF meals. Fell in love. One fan of Berries & Granola Greek Yogurt says, "Still in love. 🥰💚💚💚💚���  

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Try our new (gluten-free) Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese Bites for a spicy poppable snack. 

A follower on Instagram shared, "I have 4 Costco bags in my freezer.  

Feel Good Foods rebranded, so look for the $14.99 bright yellow 2-pound package in LA and Bay Area Costcos.  

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