How Intelligent Are the Most Intelligent Dog Breeds? 

It was always the goal of dog breeders to produce the most obedient and sociable canines possible, and this trait of dogs' intelligence is a direct result of that.  

The ability of dogs to understand and respond to human signals, gestures, and  

commands, as well as to interact with people through barking, body language, and other means, is fundamental to all three, according to Coren. 

According to Coren, most dogs can understand around 160 words, and some can understand 250 or even more.  

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Even more essential to good dog-human communication is the fact that, in most cases, dogs genuinely care. 

Alexandra Horowitz, who is in charge of the Dog Cognition Lab at Columbia University's Barnard College, 

informed the American Kennel Club (AKC) that dogs are highly sensitive and attentive people. 

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