How to Choose Wine by Horoscope  

A mate is one of many things we choose based on our astrological indications. 

That's an ice breaker, but most astrology enthusiasts know which signs they're compatible with and which to avoid.

A terrific wine recommendation for your astrology sign comes from Senior Astrologer Narayana Montufar.

Read on for suggestions and possibly discover a new kind. Taurus– As a pleasure-seeker, you want a wine that complements good food.  

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A French full-bodied, tannin-filled Syrah for luxurious late-night VIP parties. 

 Versatile and curious, Gemini would never refuse to drink a great, underestimated wine. 

Gewurztraminer is a delicious summer wine to share with friends. Ready for your next solar return! Leo – For royal Leo, flavor is more important than fluff or brands. 

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