In 19 seconds, find 10 Easter eggs in the photo!

Critical thinking and problem-solving are tested by brain teasers. These obstacles may promote intelligence and concentration.  

Most brain teasers involve identifying a mistake, cracking a code, or finding the hidden object in a picture.  

Regularly tackling such problems improves problem-solving and mental fitness.The image above shows a boy and girl running in the woods.  

They're Easter egg hunters.Help them find 10 Easter eggs in 19 seconds.  

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This detail-oriented brain teaser puzzle tests you.Your time begins! Examine the image attentively.  

How many eggs did you see?Speed up—time is running out. Study the photograph carefully—you may see all the eggs.  

Only a few seconds remain.If you like this photo puzzle, challenge your friends and family to see who does best.  

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