In 3 seconds, dodge obstacles to find the donut in the picture!

Already feeling Monday blues? Get rid of your stress with a challenging puzzle.

Its faultless blend of qualitative and quantitative skills will make you appreciate problem-solving and new perspectives.

Try to spot the odd letter in this picture.This visual puzzle will test your critical thinking and observation.

You will understand how combining qualitative and quantitative data may lead to creative solutions and the value of problem-solving skills.

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Divide the image and examine every corner for clues. Your reasoning and critical thinking skills will improve, allowing you to evaluate situations.

A brain teaser tests problem-solving. Promoting teamwork is great. People bond, relax, and communicate better when working for a common purpose.

Only 1% of High-IQ Genius Find Lollipop Before Ice Cream Melts Brain teasers might be math, logic, or graphics. 

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