In this IQ test, only one person out of a hundred will be able to identify the woman in the background. 11 seconds remain! 

Find the woman's image hidden in the photo using your cognitive abilities and skills. It's a visual IQ test.  

Your ability to think critically, solve problems, and apply both quantitative and qualitative methodologies will be tested by this project. 

Perception is more complex than looking into a mirror; this shows how the brain organizes and interprets visual data.  

Numerous fields, including art, psychology, everyday life, and brain anatomy, find visual challenges like picture puzzles useful. 

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Furthermore, optical illusions are important tools for visual study because they reveal how the brains of healthy and disabled people interpret visual information. 

Numerous fields, including art, psychology, neurology, and daily life, make use of picture puzzles. 

These visual puzzles put our ability to understand facts that is ambiguous or contradictory to the test.  

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