In under five seconds, the most intelligent among us will be able to identify the hotel owner in the old picture.  

From captivating patterns that defy logic to mind-boggling sights that manipulate your perception, optical illusion puzzles are sure to push the boundaries of your imagination. 

Find out what's hiding under your feet by solving these puzzles. Improving your powers of observation and focus on detail is a breeze with these challenges. 

Is today's optical illusion challenge something you're ready to tackle? Alright, let's begin.  

Above, you can make out a man who is checking into a hotel. 

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The attire of the gentleman and the landscape suggest that the graphic dates to the late 19th or early 20th century. 

As he ascends the stairs to the hotel, the man is seen lugging two suitcases while dressed in a top hat, coat, and pants.  

Nonetheless, he should brace himself for immense disappointment as the hotel owner evades all guests. 

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