Inexplicably Delicious Dessert Flavor Combinations 

There are always exciting new flavor, texture, and ingredient combinations appearing in the culinary world. 

In addition to being the final thing guests remember about a meal, a well-executed unusual dessert combo will leave a lasting impression.  

Beyond the typical suspects like zucchini and carrots in cakes, this collection of recipes finds creative uses for common,  

inexpensive foods, often combining sweet and savory flavors like garlic, onions, and chili peppers. 

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Although there is nothing novel or unusual about combining chilies with chocolate, especially Mexican chocolate, adding jalapeños to a chocolate cake can still seem bizarre. 

Give it a shot and see—this is only one of many variations on this fiery combo.  

Peppers add a spicy kick that complements the chocolate's earthiness and the other ingredients' sweetness.  

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