Justification for the Coolest Menu Item: Cabbage 

It endured months of being boiled with corned meat or stuffed into a crock without a word of complaint. 

But now, all the chefs are raving about a vegetable that gives off an aroma reminiscent of a 19th-century slum. 

Los Angeles's newest culinary sensation, Poltergeist, uses purple cabbage leaves to wrap mapo tofu. 

In a New York City restaurant called Superiority Burger, cabbage delicately envelops sticky rice that is studded with tofu and braised mushrooms. 

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Even though fancy cabbage dishes have been popular on the coasts for a while, they are now appearing on menus all over the nation. 

Pancakes topped with shredded green cabbage and sorghum hot sauce are the show stopper at Good Hot Fish in Asheville, North Carolina. 

Sap Sua makes anchovy breadcrumbs and sprinkles them over a grilled slice in Denver.  

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