Locating the Eiffel Tower decal in this puzzle in under a minute is a sign of a high IQ. 

The Shape of Your Nails Can Tell You A Lot About Your Character 

Calling all puzzle lovers and geniuses! Perhaps this exercise will stimulate your mind and put your observational skills to the test. 

An complicated puzzle with a sticker of the Eiffel Tower concealed somewhere within it. 

See if you can identify a toothbrush, banana, and muffin in only fifteen seconds with this optical illusion test! 

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Your intelligence and capacity to focus under duress are being tested here, in addition to your puzzle-solving abilities. 

Anyone with the knowledge and keen eye for detail can find the sticker in that little time is clearly very gifted. 

Time is of the essence! Relax and take in the various forms, colors, and patterns as you look over the puzzle.  

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