Lunch Ideas to Enhance Your Sunday Feast

After a morning of Easter egg hunting, you'll need enough for lunch. Check out our favorite Easter lunch ideas for salads, vegetarian sides, soups, breads, and more.

Serve them with one of our delicious ham or lamb dishes or Easter brunch mains, or keep things light before the main feast. 

 Best part? You can have a stress-free Christmas feast with these easy dishes (and maybe prepare some Peeptinis for good measure?).

Speaking of no stress, the last thing you want when you have a lot of family or kids is to be trapped in the kitchen, so we've included some easy dishes that will please everyone. 

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Salads are classic and don't have to be green. Our strawberry spinach salad and spring Cobb salad are green, but we also have carb-based salads.

Consider our traditional egg salad, red potato salad, finest chicken salad, or Greek chickpea salad for leftover eggs. 

Hot tip: most of these are great for an on-the-go Easter lunch between two slices of bread or pita. 

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