My Italian Family's Secret Makes Pasta Taste Better Than Restaurants

This sauce is great even if you don't like vodka. It softly brightens the meal and brings out the tomatoes' flavor.   

My version honors the silky sauce seen in many Italian restaurants and can now be made at home.   

Tomatoes: Whole peeled tomatoes thicken and prolong the sauce, coating each bite of penne, while tomato paste gives a rich, fruity flavor you can't get from tomatoes alone.  

Vodka enhances tomato richness. Choose a high-quality vodka for a martini.  

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Less expensive opinions taste harsher in the sauce. Heavy cream: A lot of heavy cream is needed for vodka sauce.  

Don't skimp—it provides the sauce balance and its classic silky texture.  

Penne: Its short form and ridges help sauce stick. If penne is unavailable, rigatoni works well.  

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