New Oreo flavors on shelves 

When we declared that 2024 would be the year of the Oreo, do you remember? We certainly weren't joking around.  

If, on the other hand, you believed that Oreo had finished introducing new inventions for the year,  

you would be wrong because the company has just revealed that two new cookie tastes would be available for purchase in the month of March. 

Beginning on March 4, you will be able to find a new Dirt Cake taste that is released in limited quantities, 

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as well as a new Tiramisu Thins flavor that will be added to the permanent portfolio. 

The much-loved no-bake dirt cake has served as the inspiration for Oreo's new flavor, which is sure to bring back fond memories of childhood.  

If it has been a while since you've had a dirt cake, you might remember that it is created with a base of pudding-whipped cream 

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