Only 1 in 9 can spot Word Star in Scar in 8 seconds.

Your job in this fun puzzle is to find the secret word "Star" among the letters that have been cleverly put together to make the word "Scar.

 The difficulty comes from how close the letters are to each other. It's a fun and mentally fun activity.

 these kinds of visual challenges can improve cognitive skills and make the brain work better at handling problems.

It might be hard to find the word "Star" hidden among the letters that make up "Scar," but if you look closely, you can solve the puzzle. 

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 There are cleverly hidden 'S,' 'T,' 'A,' and 'R' from 'Star' in the seemingly random string of letters that make up 'Scar.' 

Those who can correctly name "Star" within 8 seconds have a remarkable ability to see patterns in a lot of different information.

Keep working on your observation skills, and enjoy the thrill of solving problems like this one.

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