only razor-sharp eyes can notice 3 changes in this Owl Image.  

Optical Illusion Spot the Difference Game has an interesting owl picture that will test your visual skills. 

pay close attention to the small features in the owl's feathers, beak, or anything else in the background.

Being able to spot all three differences in the exciting 15 seconds gives you not only sharp eyes but also a great knack for finding the truth behind optical tricks.

The first difference is small and hidden: the owl's feathers have a different design or color that may have caught your eye. 

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When you look at the background, the second difference is changes to it, like new patterns, colors, or something that is missing.

Even people with very sharp eyes may have trouble seeing this small feature. 

 Lastly, the third difference could be part of the owl's decorations or other things that are around it. 

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