Orange Cake with a Moist Texture 

Orange flavor is packed into the layers of the cake, and the crumb is the softest and most tender it can be. 

This citrus-packed cake is likely to become a favorite among every member of the family, especially when it is topped with a delectable orange cream cheese frosting. 

The flavor and the texture of a cake are the two aspects that actually distinguish it from other baked goods. 

Fresh oranges are the only ingredient in this orange cake, which results in a lovely orange flavor. 

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There is the possibility of adding additional orange extracts or essences to the batter; however, in my opinion, it is not necessary to do so whatsoever.  

Do not even begin to think about the texture of the material!  

I can honestly say that the crumbs on this orange cake are among the most fragile and soft ones I have ever encountered. 

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