Puzzle: Only True Visionaries Can Find Two Hidden Objects in 9 Seconds

Seek and Find puzzles can deceive us visually. They can be amusing, demanding, and test visual acuity.  

Popular seek-and-find puzzles include "hidden objects". This puzzle shows a city. Several objects are discretely lurking in the scene.   

It seems straightforward, but you only 9 seconds to find the two concealed things.   

This is your chance to practice observation and become a puzzle master. Use your keen observation skills to find the two concealed things in front of you.   

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Take time to examine the image. Not found them yet? Here are some tips:   Examine the image from different angles.  

Keep trying if you didn't find the hidden objects. You may find it if you keep looking.  

Try finding them without a timer by scrolling back up the image. Wasn't this seek-and-find puzzle simple? Try other riddles and you'll master them.   

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