Rare Bicentennial Quarters: The Eight Most Expensive at Ten Million Dollars and Six Others Worth More Than $100,000 

The Bicentennial Quarter, a symbol of awe and wonder, has fetched prices of ten million dollars and more. 

Eight of the finest Bicentennial Quarters, each priced at $10,000, and six more, each worth more than $100,000, are detailed in this listicle. 

Set out on an adventure through the numismatic gems that collectors all over the globe consider priceless. 

A section of the Bicentennial Quarters showcases elaborate patterns depicting Liberty twirling under the night sky. 

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Collectors treasure these uncommon coins for their symbolic value and artistic merit, which puts their value in the millions. 

One numismatic gem among Bicentennial Quarters is the '76-S Silver Proof. 

This coin has captivated collectors and investors with its astounding price of 10 million dollars, despite its limited supply. 

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