See the Odd Dog in 6 seconds? You have X-Ray eyesight.  

The picture is cleverly made to make you think, and you might need to have a very good eye for details to understand it.  

Pay close attention to how the dogs are arranged and note any differences in color, shape, or size.  

In a figurative sense, X-ray vision is the ability to see past the surface and pick out small changes.  

Pay attention to what makes each dog different so you can quickly spot the one that isn't like the others.  

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Look for differences in color, shape, or anything else that makes one stand out from the others. The odd part is often a little smaller, bigger, lighter, or darker.  

Your quick ability to pick out these subtleties shows how sharp your eyes are and how much you pay attention to detail.   

Always work on your watching skills, because you never know when they will come in handy.  

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