Slow cooker bread pudding is possible.

Custard is poured over day-old bread and made with eggs, heavy cream, sugar, eggs, and warm spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. 

 It tastes good and motivates you to finish bread. What could be better? Slow-cooker bread pudding makes it even more enticing.

Though most people identify slow cookers with stew and soup, they can also be used to prepare desserts like bread pudding. 

Putting custard over bread in the kettle and heating it takes no time. Waiting until the dinner is cooked and ready to serve follows. 

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The slow cooker cooks all of your ingredients in one pot at a lower temperature for longer, ensuring an even cook, making it ideal for many bread pudding recipes. 

Chefs often use a water bath to bake bread pudding in the oven, which takes more time and work. 

The slow cooker makes bread pudding easier to make.Slow cookers make bread pudding baking easy with their many functionalities. 

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