Take this optical illusion test and see if you can spot a toothbrush, banana, and muffin in fifteen seconds. 

Discover Your True Personality Traits Through Your Nail Shape: A Personality Test 

Because they demonstrate the brain's capacity to interpret ambiguous information, solve problems effectively, and decode complicated visual cues, these abilities are suggestive of a higher IQ. 

Would you like to see how well you can see? In this optical illusion IQ test, you have just fifteen seconds to identify not one, not two, but three distinct objects! 

A deceitful muffin, a hidden banana, and a toothbrush are concealed among a kaleidoscope of colors and forms.  

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Only the most astute and quick-witted will survive as the clock winds down. 

Time is of the essence, so be prepared to have your focus, scanning, and processing abilities tested to the limit.  

Before the clock runs out, can you make out these evasive things amidst all the visual clutter? 

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