The one dish that's appropriate in every state 

Tradition has passed down, locals have refined, and tourists seek out a particular meal in every U.S. state.  

Even a cross-country road trip through the Midwest is sure to include a stop for Chicago deep-dish pizza, and no visit to Maine is really complete without trying a lobster roll. 

The problem is that every state claims a dizzying array of cuisines as its national cuisine, which provides ample opportunity for argument and controversy. 

As famous as crunchy, meaty fried catfish is in Mississippi, so are shrimp and grits and creamy chocolate mud pie. 

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The abundant crops in many states give rise to notable foods; for example, peaches in Georgia, almonds in Alabama, and renowned cheese in Wisconsin.  

As a result of Wyoming's hunting culture and cattle sector, we get nut-laden cake, fruit cobbler, fresh curds, and elk and beef jerky. 

King crab from Alaska, lobster rolls from Maine, and Key lime pie from Florida are just a few examples of dishes that migrate, particularly in our modern era.  

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