The Premier U.S. Burger Joints, Ranked 

Burgers come in an infinite variety of flavors and textures, from the traditional cheeseburger to unique creations topped with peanut butter, chorizo, or even donuts. 

Here is a ranking of the top burger joint in every U.S. state to help you navigate the vast world of American burgers. 

Savory specifics: Burgers aren't Kooper's Tavern's forte, but they are the best in the state, according to the restaurant's famous burgers. 

We use Angus, wagyu, turkey, bison, or lamb in our patties.  

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For those who prefer vegetarian or just don't feel like eating meat right now, there's also a black bean patty. 

You can choose from four different beef patties, two of which feature a unique sauce. 

You can sample some unusual meats, not often found in burger places, on the other burgers offered. 

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