The Shape of Your Nails Can Tell You A Lot About Your Character 

Discover the power of square, pointed, and almond nails in illuminating your inner qualities, from courage and resolve to imagination and equilibrium. 

Find out what your nail form reveals about you and how to interpret it! 

Were you aware that your fingernail shape could reveal a little bit about your personality? 

I agree, absolutely! According to some specialists, one's nail shape can reveal a lot about their character.  

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Interesting as it may seem, this theory proposes that the shape of your nails—square, pointed, or almond—may reveal something about your character.  

So, the next time you go to have your nails filed or get a manicure, keep in mind that they can be saying more about you than you think. 

Your personality attributes, such as your level of boldness and determination, are shown by your square nail shape. 

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