These Homemade Sliders Are Worth Every Bite

The easiest technique to serve a crowd quickly? Not grilling burgers or skewering snacks on plates. 

Small buns or rolls hold these bite-sized sandwiches, which are perfect for parties, outdoor events, or as a snack.

Many of The Pioneer Woman's slider recipes use purchased dinner buns. Cut all rolls in half horizontally. 

Next, place your choice meats and cheeses on the bottom rolls and add toppings. 

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A quick oven toast makes them golden brown and crispy and melts the cheese. So, a huge cheese pull!

There are many sliders to try, including BBQ pulled pork, buffalo chicken, and seafood sliders with crispy fish fillets and tartar sauce. 

Ree Drummond calls her fiery whiskey BBQ sliders "drippy, diminutive, and divine." BLT sliders are a kid-approved family supper. 

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