Things You Must Have for Grilled Cheese 

To kick off the evening, how about some garlic bread and Chinese roast pork?  

Sautéed hot dogs topped with relish and mustard? I am uncertain.  

Perhaps a simple wedge salad will do. Along with the cake, I will consume a large glass of milk, which will provide me with protein. 

When he was a teenager in Doha, Qatar, he would eat akkawi cheese manakeesh sandwiches, and this combination takes him back to those days. 

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Like stuffing garlic bread with Muenster, the toum packs a punch. So good. 

Jorim is a traditional Korean stew made with soy sauce that has been spiced with ginger and garlic.  

Tofu and mushrooms, which take the place of beef in Kay Chun's dish, soak up the sauce's flavor admirably. 

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