This new Virginia eatery fulfills diners' dreams.

Favorite restaurant for what? I react sometimes. In my most recent annual fall dining list, I differentiated between restaurants I like for date night and showing off to visitors.

The FAQ is difficult to answer because my favorites vary with season, mood, and companion.

At the moment, my favorite restaurant is a former Greek diner in the Virginia suburbs. 

The Maple Room, named after its Vienna street, is owned by real estate entrepreneur Christos Sarantis and his wife, Effie, who also own four casual SouvlakiBars.

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The Amphora Restaurant, which closed in 2021 after 40 years, is visible from the street.Moon Rabbit returns with plates that push Vietnamese borders.

Tired of restaurant surcharges? Period. The Maple Room charges for food and drink plus tax.

Are you missing a basket of bread while you sit? Servers promise to “get the bread going” after you order.Asking questions yields knowledgeable answers rapidly. 

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