Top 2% of attentive people can notice 3 variations in 15 seconds images of a girl visiting Taj Mahal.

 They test your awareness and detail abilities because distinguishing two almost identical photographs is challenging. 

Mental strength is more vital than ever today. Spot-the-difference games improve observation and cognition.

Spot the difference puzzles are a fun way to spend time and use your brain.Two identical photographs of a female are above. 

The girl faces the Taj Mahal, one of the modern seven wonders. Her pose appears to be for a photo.

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Three differences distinguish the virtually identical photos. Can you find them all in 15 seconds?

Closely examine the two photos to see the variations. Your time begins. All the best!

Complete a spot-the-difference game to improve your memory, visual awareness, and concentration.Congratulations to those who identified the changes between the two photographs in time.

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