Top Brands of Probiotic and Prebiotic Soda 

Olipop excels at making fruity drinks, whether it's the classics like Orange Squeeze or Root Beer or the soda knockoffs like Vintage Cola.  

Its Root Beer and Cream Soda were almost identical to the authentic versions, according to our testing.  

The nostalgic flavors, such as Strawberry Vanilla and Banana Cream, are charmingly reflected in the retro branding.  

We haven't even mentioned half of the 16 kinds yet! (They also occasionally remove fan favorites for the season!) 

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In terms of nutrition, Olipop has you covered. Fibre is abundant in the sodas, as it is in other prebiotic products. 

The highest concentration on this list is 9 grams per can. There are also less than 5 grams of sugar and 50 calories in each can.  

The indulgence is worthwhile, despite the high cost (about $3 per can when bought in bulk), because it tastes just like conventional soda. 

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