Useful Ricotta Cheese Recipes

Breakfast with ricotta in French toast or fluffy lemon pancakes. Desserts include Italian American bakery-style ricotta biscuits or cannoli dip with waffle crisps.

Try something savory! For lunch, spread ricotta on toast and top with stewed butternut squash, or prepare soft handmade gnocchi for dinner. 

Here are 30 of our favorite ricotta cheese dishes, from pastas to desserts.

Ricotta gnocchi is simpler than potato gnocchi. A simple herb brown butter sauce goes well with fresh pasta.

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Ricotta is usually used in lasagna, but what about soup? Without hassle, this recipe is creamy and delightful.

Four ingredients are needed for this baked ziti besides ricotta and olive oil. You don't need to boil pasta before baking. Win-win!The best part of this pasta? 

 Adding a dollop makes it exceptional.These fluffy brioche or challah pieces are filled with creamy ricotta cheese seasoned with lemon juice and zest and baked till golden brown.

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