Valuable Bicentennial Quarters: 9 More Worth Over $199,999; Rare Coin Worth Nearly $29 Million USD 

In 1976, in honor of the United States' 200th anniversary, the Bicentennial Quarter was struck to mark the event. It is first in our investigation. 

A Bicentennial Quarter Mystery Worth $29 Million: Deciphering Its Past and Present 

Explore the fascinating world of rare coins with this listicle, which delves into the rarity of the Bicentennial Quarter and nine other coins with values surpassing $199,999. 

A rare combination of minting mistakes, historical importance, and scarcity gives this coin its extraordinary value of $29 million. 

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The enigma and fascination of rare coins are exemplified by this quarter's journey from common circulation to multimillion-dollar status. 

Being a centennial classic, this dime—of which only 24 exist—captures the spirit of a forgotten age. 

Collectors of American coinage history hold the 1894-S Barber Dime in high esteem because to its historical significance and rarity, which drives up its worth. 

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