Waffles with Maple Bananas Foster Sauce

Generally speaking, I'm not much of a fan of bananas.  Nevertheless, I am a huge fan of bananas foster.

The richness of the maple taste enhances the sweetness of the bananas, particularly when they are sautéed together.

This is especially true when the two ingredients are combined.  And when you add in the butter and brown sugar, it becomes an extremely decadent dish.

If you make these mouthwatering Belgian waffles from scratch, you will never have to think about purchasing waffle mix again.

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On a regular basis, our family enjoys going out to brunch as a tradition. As a family, we go out and locate a wonderful restaurant or a resort that serves brunch, and we get together there. 

Everyone gets to eat whatever they want, and there are a lot fewer complaints than when you are eating with someone who is hosting the meal itself.

I was introduced to the dish known as Bananas Foster for the very first time at one of these brunches.

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