We Found Your State's Best French Fries

French fries go great with burgers, steak, and everything in between. The right ones will be crispy outside, fluffy within, and perfectly seasoned. 

 Some American restaurants and fast food chains make their fries the primary course. We evaluated the data to find the best US French fries by state.

Click or scroll through our collection to see the best fries in every state, from restaurants with secret seasonings to hidden gems that draw tourists nationwide. Has your favorite made the list?

User feedback, awards, and our team's experience inform our choices. Regular checks and updates are done.

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If you're looking for the ideal side dish to go with your burger, steak, or any other type of meat, go no further than French fries.

If you do it well, they will have a perfectly seasoned outside, a fluffy interior, and a crispy exterior.

 Fries are more than just a side dish at some American restaurants and fast food joints; they steal the show. 

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