What, According to Astrology, Would Be Found at the Rainbow's End 

There would be a lavish awards ceremony where Leos would be the focus of attention, complete with a red carpet. 

Their leadership, charisma, and originality would earn them a slew of honors. 

There would be an army of helping robots that cater to Virgos' every want in this perfectly arranged utopia. 

Knowing that everything is perfectly organized and under control allowed them to finally relax. 

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If Libra could only discover a miraculous balance scale, they would never again be forced to make a tough choice.  

They could be assured that no matter what, the scale would weigh the benefits and drawbacks for them. 

If Scorpios were to find a hidden chamber, they would find a crystal ball that could disclose the hidden agendas of everyone they know and a treasure trove of worldly secrets.  

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