What the Horoscope Says About Today, March 17, 2024 

We can relax, recuperate, and enjoy the simple pleasures of home life on this perfect Sunday. 

However, by 5:41 AM EST, it enters the more subdued sign of Cancer, enabling our compassionate and emotional aspects to take center stage.  

Today, there is a major cazimi occurring: the sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces at 27°, amplifying the water-heavy energy even more.  

Gemini is connected with this degree. (I will get to that later.)  

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We should not be surprised if certain harsh realities emerge now that the sun is shining on such terrain.  

"Sunlight is the best disinfectant," they say. Additionally, we should expect a plethora of communication breakdowns due to the Gemini effect. 

Everything you read or hear today, from the news to your own relationships, should be taken very seriously. 

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