Zodiac Signs Who Like Being Independent

Aquarians are autonomous and creative. The zodiac's visionaries are often lost in thought, contemplating social issues or creating new concepts.  

Air (not water) signs are gregarious but prefer deep conversations over casual banter, so they seek alone to refresh and think.  

Scorpios are misunderstood for their passion and depth. They need a lot of alone time to examine their emotions and experiences.  

Their need to regulate their environment and safeguard their vulnerabilities may possibly explain their inclination for solitude.  

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Scorpios gain strength and clarity to navigate their complicated emotional landscapes in solitude.Virgos meticulously pursue excellence in everything they do.  

They're realistic and analytical, therefore they continuously assess their environment and performance.  

They use their alone time to relax and rejuvenate by planning, constructing dream boards or lists, or cleaning.  

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